The All-Polish Youth organisation and the National Radical Camp (ONR), both part of the National Movement Party, are growing in popularity in Poland. But there is trouble in paradise.

As reported by Express online, there are calls from the official centre-leaning opposition party, Civic Platform, to make the ONR (which initially backed the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party and helped Prime Minister Beata Szydzo take power last year) illegal for fostering racism.

The government has been criticised for removing the ONR’s symbol of a hand gripping a sword from a police training guidebook about hate crimes.

When the ONR announced its intention to patrol the streets of the city of Łódź to “protect the Polish people against migrants,” regional governor Zbigniew Rau (a member of PiS) defended them. He said: “If young people want to do something for the common good and they are concerned that [public] safety could be in danger, then it is the kind of capital on which we can build.”