After the celebrated days of Robert-Jan Smits – the former Director General for Research and Innovation who New Europe played a small role in providing information that would lead to him being put out to pasture in the usual hors classe adviser position – new days of glory are anticipated for the Directorate-General after the resignation of the Director of the European Research Council Executive Agency (ERCEA), Pablo Amor.

Amor announced his resignation with a brief yet concise email claiming that he leaves (one year ahead of his retirement) as “things were not quite moving in the direction I wanted”.

Leaving much to the imagination, Amor writes about his decision to resign: “If you’re wondering why… you haven’t been paying attention. From controversial common support systems to a few decisions not going exactly our way I just felt that things were not quite moving in the direction I wanted. As Director, I am accountable.”

Certainly, the current Director General of RTD, Jean-Eric Paquet, who replaced Smits, must be well aware of the direction Pablo Amor wanted things to move in, and what issues forced Amor to retire over. Kassandra thinks that Mr Paquet should take the time to dig deeper, and share such knowledge with his fellow Europeans so to… save us the time from having to find out ourselves.