It is the time for a New Open Society, a strategic idea that puts in direct dialogue different civilizations, religons and ideas.

The focus on Creativity and Knowledge as the drivers of creating added value with international dissemination is a unique challenge that may be the answer to a new way of interaction between those who have the responsibility of thinking and those that have the responsibility of making things happen. This is the New Open Society.

The New Open Society will face  a new dimension in the future and  the World will have to decide about the most suitable strategies for a new Development Agenda.

In a time of uncertainty and uncontrolled global finantial crisis, the World must focus more and more its attention on launching the basis for an Agenda of New Ideas centered in the drivers of high growth rate and civil society capacity of creating and developing added value for the international market. This is the really basis for the action of the Integration Act.

The New Open Society must be an Idea of Change. In the Integration Act  there is a  strategic ambition focused in the capacity of attracting New Investments, New Talents and a New Ambition for an Agenda for the future.

The design of the Civilization Challenge with a new agenda  cannot be made by law but must be built through a “broad and consistent partnership” that is the platform  for a collaborative network of the different operational actors of the continent.

In the Civilization Challenge, the key word must be  Ambition.

The State, the Municipalities, the Companies, the Universities, in a word, Civil Society must give the example. They must promote a new adventure in a complex world and there is a real sense of urgency in our capacity of being able to do it.

It´ s time to believe in a new cycle for a changing world. Reinventing the European Dream and giving the European Actors (States, Universities, Enterprises, Civil Society) the opportunity of developing new challenges focused on innovation and creativity is in a large sense giving a central contribution to the reinvention of the world. The Reinvention of the World is the reinvention of its people and institutions.

More than everything, it is a public demonstration of a positive answer to the future.

This is the idea of the New Open Society. This is an ambition for the future that is the basis for our present. We must be able to win a new ambition for our land. For our people. For our citizenship.

We must be able to effective construct an Innovation Society mostly based in our individual attitude in a complex global world. It ´s a challenge we must be able to answer with success.