Running like everything else in life, has a starting point. And it starts with just one first step.

In a few weeks, one of the most popular races in Europe, the 20km of Brussels will celebrate its 40th anniversary since it’s first edition on June 8th, 1980. From 4,659 runners in the 1980’s to more than 40,000 runners from 130 countries in 2018, the race has surpassed all expectations for Carine Verstraeten, founding member and soul of the 20km de Bruxelles.

If you are a novice runner and the idea is circling in your head whether you should run your first 20km, this is the perfect time to participate. If you are a returning runner, you should not miss the 40th anniversary of this race. And if you are travelling to Brussels the weekend of May 19, 2019 the 20km of Brussels is the best way to explore and discover the city, as it takes you through landmarks, monuments and parks that you might not visit otherwise.

The 20km de Bruxelles is all about you, the runner. As a beginner or advanced runner you can find tips and training programs on the official website of 20km de Bruxelles ( but before that, to err on the side of caution, visit your family doctor preventatively. Once you get the green light, you are set. Get an app and follow a training programme by yourself, join a running group or a gym, or even try a personal trainer and start a 10-week program. You are just in time to start preparing no matter what your level!

All you will need as a new runner is a good pair of running shoes. You can train outdoors or indoors, alone or with a group of people. Any time of the day, depending on your work and family schedule. There is a freedom in running that is difficult to find in another athletic activity. Running involves effort and patience. Now, your early experiences with a training or walking program can make or break your chances to succeed. Beginners in running may experience overtraining injuries or discouragement if they approach their training with an ‘’all or nothing’’ attitude.

The secret to success in running is simple: start easy, listen to your body, be patient, committed and progressive, make it fun and smile in every step you take. Find the program that suits you and your needs. The benefits, both physical and psychological, are well worth the investment. Most importantly, running offers you the opportunity to detach yourself from your daily anxieties and reset your mind.  The answers are endless to a question about the benefits you may enjoy from running.

The following weeks leading up to the 20km de Bruxelles, we will bring you inspiring stories and interviews about running, its benefits, and about your favourite Spring running event in Brussels.

Registrations for the 20km of Brussels open on March 23rd.

Will you join the 40,000 runners and take part in this unique celebration? We’ll be right there with you.