Sweden’s Justice Minister Morgan Johansson has said the country needs hundreds of new prison cells and detention centres in the coming years.

“The big challenge of the next mandate period will be ensuring that the penal system is shaped so it is capable of taking in those who are now sentenced, and rehabilitates them so that they not return to crime,” Johansson told news agency TT.

As reported by The Local, police are receiving additional resources and the punishment in areas like weapons crime has become more severe.

“Hundreds is not a lot in this context,” he noted, pointing to at least 80 people being detained suspected of links to shootings and gang crime in Malmö alone at the moment.

The Swedish government wants the police to prioritise combating organised crime including shootings next year, as well as sexual offences.

In 2017, there were more than 300 shootings in Sweden, with 41 people killed and 135 injured.