Estonia has produced a digital solution which will make it simpler to organise and run the events taking place during the Estonian EU Presidency. Presidency Gateway is the central web portal which will be used by the ministries organising the Presidency events, as well as the delegates and if necessary the journalists attending the events.

Already in spring, Enterprise Estonia, the state-run agency responsible for promoting Estonia abroad and attracting investment, launched two brand new web platforms – and, at the cost of €200,000.

Over 260 different events are taking place in Estonia during the Estonian EU Presidency, with up to 30 000 delegates attending them. Presidency Gateway includes a comprehensive overview of each event, from the venue and programme to a document depository. The portal also makes it possible to carry out interactive polls and perform group tasks. It is optimised for smartphones and tablets and can be used without downloading a separate application.

This is the first time such a wide array of digital tools has been implemented to run EU Presidency events. To simplify the work of journalists and delegates, a user-friendly and reusable workflow has been developed, and when the Estonian EU Presidency ends the source code of Presidency Gateway as well as the supporting documentation will be released for use by subsequent EU Presidencies.

Presidency Gateway was produced by AS Andmevara and partners, the ICT tender was carried out by the Centre of Registers and Information Systems, and the development was commissioned by the Government Office of the Republic of Estonia.

Presidency Gateway is part of the Estonian Digital Presidency initiative to review the work processes of the EU Council, in a team effort with other Presidencies, in order to lay the foundations for a digital workflow. The goal of the initiative is to increase cyber security, improve the effectiveness and speed of routine procedures and promote the use of digital signing. By helming the initiative, Estonia wishes to leave a positive legacy for future Presidencies and to establish the basis for digitising workflows. It is also Estonia’s goal to ensure close cooperation between the Presidency and EU institutions in taking forward the implementation of e-solutions and e-governance principles.

Introduction to the Presidency Gateway can be seen here: