The 47 years old man responsible for ploughing through a crowd of Muslims attending evening Ramadan prayers in Finsbury Park, London, has been named as Darren Osborne from Cardiff.

Hate crime

Osborne injured at least 10 people and killed one; eight remain in hospital in critical condition. The France24 correspondent in London, Bénédicte Paviot, said witnesses at the scene heard the driver shouting “All Muslims, all Muslims, I want to kill all Muslims.”


The father of four was apprehended by the crowd and is now held on suspicion of murder and terror offenses. The police is investigating his address in Wales, while Security Minister Ben Wallace said the Osborne was not known to the security services.

His family told the press Osborne was “troubled” not “racist,” while expressing sympathy with the victims of the attack.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd and Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed the attack was treated as a crime of a “terrorist” nature.

Finsbury Park is within the boundaries of the Islington North constituency of the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn.

Both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn were at the scene of Monday.

Increasing Islamophobia

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said that there has been a 40% surge in Islamophobic incidents following attacks in London and Manchester during the electoral campaign. On a Facebook post, he called on Londoners to “pull together.”

Speaking to BBC 4 Radio, the founder of the group Tell Mama, Fiyaz Mughal, said he had been at the center days before the attack to caution the community to vigilant during the Ramadan, a period in which Muslims are more visible.

This is not the first time that Muslim Welfare House mosque in Finsbury Park has been the target of hate crime.