The power of the people is a challenge for everyone and no society can aspire to any sort of excellence without focusing on the talent that its population has to offer. Harnessing talent is part of a contract of trust in the agenda for change and for the construction of a new and effective vision for the future.  Most importantly, understanding and using people power is to agree on a common future for a society we want.

In order to do this, mobilisation is the bridge between those that believe in the power of people’s ability to create new solutions with new ideas for the highly complex problems that afflict society and those that want innovation and creativity to be the platform of creation in a global, competitive economy.

Society and the power its people possess is the confirmation of a process of evolution of the integration of people into that society. Their individual contribution must be a case study in the process of commitment and the organisation of society and its main components.

Individuals must be at the centre of societies active and entrepreneurial culture, as well as its attitude. People often have a negative opinion towards financial risk, but by focusing on innovation and shared culture, the result is a positive dynamic.

We need society to have new challenges. We must be able to be the true platform for a more entrepreneurial society that focuses on untapped areas of knowledge and new sectors of value. In a modern and active society, the key is co-creation.

To promote a dynamic and active creative process involves each citizen taking on a major long-term challenge.

In the future, a society that is driven by Ideas must be the most complete example of positive approach towards the future. The talents of the people who take part in this process must be a new competitive advantage of this society of the ideas, which will be driven by the enablers of modernity and excellence.

It must be understood that is a very clear idea that suits the most complex and immediate challenges that our society currently faces. They require new answers for different questions. In order to face these challenges, global participation at such a critical moment is an exercise of commitment between individual creativity and collective cooperation.

This is the key for the future of society. What’s paramount is that talent is the key. We must understand that in an open society, where the integration of people is a net positive when it comes to contributing to the future, one’s ambitions and abilities are essential.

We need to believe in the capacity of people to give back to society and to provide strategic ideas that will tackle the challenges of the future.

This is the essential message of society’s agenda and the ideal answer for a new generation of talents that know that the key for success is based on their unfettered contributions.