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GREECE – ATHENS – The EPLO was founded on the mission to promote European values through public law and Governance in a dialogue of civilizations. It aims to develop a new generation of scientists and legal practitioners with a different mindset, and a European perception of things rather than a purely national one.

We impart this perspective to societies around the globe, and we are honored that many states from distant parts of the world seek and benefit from our expertise. We have already supported specific reforms, aided institution building, and conducted training programs for judges, prosecutors, and civil servants in many countries. Through our educational activities for young and advanced scientists we have built important intellectual capital that enables us to effectively serve the member states of the organization and provide expertise on a range of issues.

A key priority of the organization, and one that we are proud of, is our focus on Central and Eastern European countries. Some of the new EU Member States of this region, such as Hungary and Romania, need our assistance with their legal and public administration reforms, while other pre-accession countries such as Ukraine, Serbia, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, all of which are already members of our international Organization, need help to reform their institutions as they adopt the EU acquis and become part of our common European future.

But the EPLO’s reach goes far beyond this region and extends to the Black Sea, Caucasus, and Western Asia. Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia -also member states of the EPLO- have shown great interest in European law and governance. Meanwhile the Organization works in other countries that are not Members of the EPLO or of the European Union, such as Russia, Turkey, Belarus, Thailand, etc. In these countries we provide support for the modernization of their institutions and legislation, making available for them our human capital of over 250 leading figures in European Law from Europe and around the world, which also comprises our scientific board.

We, at the European Public Law Organization go a step further and promote a Europe of another quality, a Europe which will not only examine how to address the unresolved problems of the Second World War, but which will nourish leaders within the EU to develop the mentality of a European citizen.

That is why we took the initiative as an international organization for the creation of the European Law & Governance School which has started this year its operations in Athens.

Our goal is to create a new generation of truly European- in culture and in training- scientists who will undertake tomorrow the fate of this beautiful edifice called the united Europe and who by promoting unity, will forge a new, truly pan-European community which is democratic, fair and beyond nationalisms, with respect to diversity.

The idea of the School was conceived by Professor Giuliano Amato, constitutional judge, Former Prime Minister of Italy, and member of the Board of Directors of the EPLO. In 2008 the “Group of Rome” was constituted around him and comprised of the most esteemed professors and practitioners.

The School was announced at the European Parliament on March 27, 2013 and its program was officially presented at the Presidential Palace of the Italian Republic “Il Quirinale”, on May 18, 2016 in the presence of H.E. The President of the Italian Republic Professor Sergio Mattarella.

The European Law and Governance School ( is founded upon the belief that the European Union plays a crucial role in ensuring global stability, promoting democracy, and the overall progress of mankind, and that the core values of the European Union must be upheld while it strives for better integration. The ELGS also believes that the key source of hope and the only path to successful integration is through the proper education and training of the youth of Europe. Thus, our vision is to create a generation of youth that will identify themselves as Europeans, that will serve Europe, and that will disseminate the idea, culture and values of Europe throughout the world. At the same time the School aims to create a new generation of specialists in European law and/or Governance around the world, people who will have all the needed education to deal with the European Union, its institutions and peoples.

The ELGS is a product of the internationalization of education and provides interdisciplinary undergraduate and postgraduate courses that have been designed by academics and practitioners from throughout the world, and guarantees that students will graduate with a European and Global perspective.

The 100 member-strong international faculty network that supports the School through teaching and research enables students to have great flexibility in their independent research pursuits including the ability to work in every language. The School’s partnerships with 30 universities and institutions across 20 countries provides students with study abroad options and internship opportunities, thus ensuring that students develop cultural awareness, linguistic skills, transversal skills and ties to the marketplace, which are essential in these times of globalization.

Globalization has not lived up to its promise, but it is still in its early phases of development. The EPLO participates actively in this process through the instrument of dialogue and believes in a form of globalization that is beneficial to all and rooted in democracy, transparency, rule of law & respect for human rights. Globalization should take into account the particularities of each culture, and these particularities should not be considered as differences, but as the most valuable elements of world heritage.