NUR-SULTAN, Kazakhstan – The Observer Mission of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) officially opened its work in capital of Kazakhstan – Nur-Sultan, head of mission, Ambassador Urszula Gacek said at a briefing on 8 May.

“We represent the ODIHR office – the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights within the OSCE. We are here to observe the extraordinary presidential elections on 9 June by the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan,” Gacek told journalists.

According to Gacek, experts and analysts from the UK, Spain, Germany, Belarus and Poland arrived in capital of Kazakhstan

The mission is based on 11 experts. In total, the bureau requested 24 long-term and 300 short-term observers from OSCE participating countries. Long-term observers will start working in all regions of Kazakhstan since 14 May, and short-term observers will arrive a few days before the elections.

“We come here with an open vision, we have no preliminary ideas about what we will see or expect to see. We read reports of previous missions, we took it into account for our work here,” Gacek said.

The ambassador also said the mission will prepare a primary report after the completion of the elections.

“We will express our impressions before the elections and after the elections. The final report will take about two months. This document, which has an important goal, will contain a number of recommendations, because we have observed about 300 elections in different countries. And we, of course, always give some recommendations,” she said. “After all, it is always possible to improve this work, there will always be recommendations, proposals in the spirit of partnership.”