NUR-SULTAN, Kazakhstan – The Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan has registered seven candidates for the presidency, including the current interim president, Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev.

According to the CEC, 313,653 signatures were collected from 17 regions in support of Tokayev. On 3 May, the Central Election Commission declared Tokayev and Sadibek Tugel, who is standing for the public association Uly dala Kyrandary (Eagles of the Great Steppe), as official presidential candidates. That was followed a day later when the CEC Amangeldy Taspihov from the Trade Union Federations and Danya Yespayeva from the Ak Zhol (Shining Path) as candidates.

Yespaeva is the first woman in Kazakhstan’s history to be given the green light to run for the job of chief executive. She was joined on the same days by the representative of the party Auyl (Village) Toleutai Rakhimbekov, the candidate from the Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan Zhambyl Akhmetbekov, and the candidate from the movement Ұlt tagdyry (Destiny of the Nation) Amirzhan Kosanov.


Initially, nine candidates were to participate in the presidential race, but on 29 April the candidate from the Union of Builders of Kazakhstan Talgat Yergaliyev withdrew his application.

Several days later, on 2 May,Zhumatai Aliyev from the public association Khalyk Demography (People’s Demography) failed the state language examinations and the Central Election Commission refused to register Aliyev as a candidate for the presidency.

Presidential elections in Kazakhstan will be held on 9 June.

Under Kazakh law, the CEC may cancel the registration of a candidate if the state revenue bodies discover that the information on income and property in the submitted declarations is unreliable. The pre-election campaign will begin immediately after the end of the registration stage and will last until midnight on 8 June.