Kassandra had (nearly) completely forgotten Her Excellency the Ambassador of the European Union in Tirana, Romana Vlahutin. You may remember the lady representing the European Union in Albania appointed by European Commission HRVP Federica Mogherini who bought a somewhat overpriced house in Tirana to serve as residence of the EU Ambassador. The house cost EU taxpayers about one million Euro more than it should have. After New Europe dug into the issue, the European Parliament was interested in the matter and the Chair of Budget Control Committee asked a series of questions to Federica Mogherini and the EEAS, who in turn responded with the necessary vagueness.

The EEAS was apparently covering up all the wrong-doings of its Representation. Kassandra never learned why, but there must be a reason. However, despite the matter was very interesting, we paused our reporting and waited for a political solution looking to see if Mogherini would relocate Vlahutin either to the logistics unit of her DG or to Croatia to visit with Ivo Sanader. But Mogherini still keeps Vlahutin in Tirana and this is most interesting.

Particularly because mistakes like this can become very costly when one is looking to take the next step in their political career. Whether it is to be a Spitzen candidate or otherwise…

To conclude, for the time being, we will tell you a very educational tale; one of Kassandra’s favourites.

Once upon a time, a young bird sat on the edge of its nest, watching and admiring other birds flying by. The next morning, the little bird gathered all of its strength, and full of confidence leaped out of its nest in an attempt to fly. Pulled down by gravity like a rock, it ended-up on the ground; you see, it had yet not grown any feathers.

It was early December; the first snow had already fallen and the bird was about to freeze to death when by chance, a cow passed by, narrowly not stepping on the fragile creature. Right then, the cow dropped a sizeable volume of fresh, warm, manure, covering the little bird’s icing body. The heat from the poo pile began emitting heat, saving the little bird from certain death.

Happy for its salvation, the little bird pushed its head out of the hardening manure and began to chirp joyfully. An eagle flying overhead heard the bird and with a head-first dive from the heavens, snatched the bird with its beak; devouring it in an instant. End of file.

Three lessons.

When you do not have your own feathers, do not attempt to fly.

Whoever puts you “in the shit” is not necessarily your enemy and whoever takes you out is not necessarily your friend.

When you are deep “in the shit,” just keep your mouth shut.