Offshore tax havens must go!

Advice to Chancellor Merkel on why a “two-step Europe” won’t work

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Here is a specific plan that will help Germany and some other northern countries play a leading role in reforming the European Union.  Germany, being one of the most productive and most powerful nations in Europe and in the world, facts that have been earned by the German people, has the power to initiate and establish a “European Constitution” that will set the pace and allow every member nation of the European Union to build its own economy based exclusively on the healthy practise of “produced wealth”, eliminating most of the leaks that nurture corruption and misgovernment

All European citizens now fully understand that “borrowing wealth” leads to destruction and the dependence of the European society, two goals that are proven to be on the priority list of multinationals and banking trusts.

You did not demand cuts from the suspicious expenditures of the corrupt governments of Greece, the same way you demanded cuts from salaries and pensions! The names of the corrupt Greek politicians are filed in the German courts! The fact that they are kept in secrecy by your government proves to the Greek people that you continue to support the unprecedented corruption and misgovernment of Greece! How can the Greek people accept your declared Intentions? We need facts!

Simply speaking the European Union cannot under any circumstances survive, based on the concept of “Europe of two speeds”. You owe it to the member nations of the EU, after two world disasters that your nation caused to the world. Unless you, and other world political leaders, convince the greedy “multinationals and banks” to place in their strategic goals, ”society” next to their “profits” – their own existence will be at stake! (HBR, January/Februry 2011, issue. We must improve Capitalism, by Michael Porter and Mark Kramer).

Here is a Historic Suggestion made by an anonymous Greek citizen who wishes to supplement the philosophy of Plato and Polivios who were the first to introduce “Democracy” to the world.

This suggested “Decalogue of Pure Democracy” should guide and characterise all Political Governments in Europe!

The Decalogue of Pure Democracy”.

1) Because we know that whenever man has access to uncontrolled power and authority, he will definitely abuse it. History has proved it millions of times.

2) The new Constitution of the “New United States of Europe” must impose the absolute political, and financial “Separation of the three Powers of Democracy”. (government, law makers, judicial) in every European nation that wishes to stay within the European Union!  The majority of western governments have not succeeded in establishing the absolute separation of the three powers of democracy.  All of their mechanisms of government audit and controls are weak and Ineffective. Most of the  western governments, one way or another, do have an influence on their  law makers  and their judicial bodies. This destroys the roots and the philosophy of democracy and allows multinationals and banks to create the legal environment that serves their Interests best, disregarding totally the interests of “society”.

The three said powers of democracy have three entirely different obligations and duties towards “society” that are totally uncompromising from one another.

Government members must be elected only to govern. Not to write laws, or judge anyone.

Members of parliaments must be elected only to act as law Makers. Not to govern or judge anyone.

Judges and prosecutors must be elected only to control and judge! Not to govern or write laws.

The slighest influence that any one of the three powers of democracy may have on any one of the other two cancels the spirit of democracy and converts it into a “parliamentary dictatorship”.

Greece is exactly such a “parliamentary dictatorship” that your country has supported and bribed systematically during the last 40 years.

3) ‘”Corporate lobbying” must by “outlawed” as soon as possible unless the European government creates and finances an equally powerful ”citizens’ lobby”.

4)  Politicians of all levels must not be authorised to serve more than one, maximum two  terms. This is the only way to eliminate “political costs” that do not allow any government to govern productively. We desperately need volunteer technocrats/managers to run our governments, who must carry a success record of productivity and ethics. Political government proved to be inefficient, corrupt and destructive. Democracy cannot be applied by “professional politicians” who are just good speakers.

5) Two out of the three powers of democracy must be constitutionally authorised, on a rotating basis, to control, audit and penalise each one of the three powers of democracy, with prosecuting and judging powers, so that all three powers will become subject to severe equal controls and face severe penalties whenever their members choose to abuse the powers the citizens grant them. This is a Greek innovation that cannot be easily bypassed by future law makers.

6) Local government must be totally independent, politically and economically as this has proved to be more effective than any central government.

7) The same principal of separation of powers must apply to all local governments with the same Mechanisms of control and audits as suggested in paragraph (5)

8) Off-shore companies all over the world must be permanently outlawed.

9) Governments must adopt the managerial practises of multinationals that proved to be the most productive methods of government and management in general. Multinationals must stop monopolizing such practises and must use all their power to force politicians to adopt all such practises. This is the only way to gear democracy to help multinationals and banks to place in their strategic goals, “society” next to “profits”. “Political governments” all these years have proved they place “political” benefits ahead of the “citizens”’ benefits. One simple way to adopt multinational methods of government in every nation is to separate the “strategic government” from the “operational government” and limit the elected political leaders to govern their countries only from a strategic point of view and not get involved in the “operational” procedures of running state matters. One cannot abuse power when one does not have access to it.

The rotating auditing and controlling powers of each one of the three powers of democracy, as described in article (5) must be authorised to protect the “Dodecalogue of Democracy” from any future attempts of any future government who would try to manipulate and corrode its principles in order to govern without controls.

All people have a tendency to goodness and virtue of character, however, because nature has also empowered them with aggressive Insticts in order to support the continuation of life, one common universal goal must be to constantly find ways to protect the human-citizen from the human-authority.

Phillip Morakis, is past President of the New York City Jaycees Foundation, Inc  

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