Nigel Farage met Donald Trump in New York on Sunday; Ukip’s leader is the first foreign politician that Trump has met following his electoral victory last week.

Trump’s spokeswoman, Kellyanne Conway, made clear the two men “enjoy each other’s company” and spoke of a productive meeting where they spoke of “freedom and winning.”

Later in the day, Farage urged British politicians to reach out to Donald Trump. He had met the president-elect before Theresa May and offered her to act as a “go-between” with the new US administration.

He described Trump as an “Anglophile” and said the two had agreed on the return of a Winston Churchill bust from the White House to London.

Nigel Farage is the only European politician that was invited as a speaker during a Trump campaign event in Jackson, Mississippi in August.

Last week Farage described the outgoing President Barack Obama as a “loathsome individual,” and on Sunday he described him as loathing Britain.

10 Downing Street has made clear that Nigel Farage will play no role in British-American relations, calling Ukip’s interim leader “irrelevant.” Mrs. May is eager to meet Donald Trump as soon as the transition period is over.

During the US campaign, both Theresa May and David Cameron were critical of Trump’s statements on Muslims and Islam.

Meanwhile, the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Sunday that Trump’s treatment of the immigration issue, Mexico in particular, and Muslims, “has to be challenged and should be challenged.” Mr. Corbyn’s wife is Mexican.