The New Knowledge Ambition must be more and more articulated with  a new Agenda for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Innovation and Entrepreneurship will be more and more the new enabler of competitiveness in Europe and it is essential to mobilize the universities, companies and other actors to the challenge of competitiveness. The opportunity of the New Knowledge Ambition is more and more consolidated and in a time of crisis there is a real possibility of having new results with concrete impacts.

The New Knowledge Ambition puts in collaboration  Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and they offer new solutions to different problems. The New Knowledge Ambition experience is very important to Europe. Europe must be able to be the real Platform of a more Entrepreneurial Society, centered in new areas of knowledge and new sectors of value. That´s why the example of some Universities and Centers of Innovation, with their focus on high-added value clusters – like ICT and Fashion, among others – envolving strong partnerships with Multinationals and Start Ups and the local authorities is a good example of this New Strategic Partnership for the Future. 

The New Knowledge Ambition  promotes a new set of studies oriented to the real added value of companies in the market, supported by the strategic knowledge and experience of managers and doctorates from the universities. The focus on Innovation and Knowledge as the drivers of creating added value with international dissemination is a challenge for the New Knowledge Ambition  – some universities have been developing strong strategic networks of Knowledge with different areas of the world, like Asia and South America.

The  opportunity of the New Knoeledge Ambition must be a point of departure for the future.  The quality of the Effective Education  must be the new competitive advantage of these Intelligent Universities,  pushed by a global idea  of  Modernity, Added Value and Excellence. A very clear idea that suits the big challenge that our society really faces and that requires new answers for different questions. The act of global  participation in such a demanding society is an exercise of commitment between the individual creativity and the collective cooperation.

The practical colaboration of Relevant Firms and Universities / Centers of Innovation in the Strategic Ambition of the Intelligent Universities is well exemplified by some universities – with a commitment with innovation, quality and creativity, the message of the distinction will be the right umbrella for a different individual and collective integration of ideas and solutions. These universities play an intelligent commitment between its local role and its global ambition.

]The New Knowledge Ambition is a great challenge to our economies and societies.

The  experience of universities and centers of innovation is an important contribution to a  society that must be able to understand this new time  and address effective answers to the different stakeholders of the system. The contribution of these platforms  will be more important and critical as this message is really understood by the main stakeholders involved in the process.