Well not quite.

But the City of Strasbourg has launched a new pilot project in Strasbourg to “further expand and diversify environmentally friendly commuting options to the European Parliament buildings in Strasbourg”.

During the pilot phase, the City of Strasbourg will cover the full operating costs of the service and following the end of the pilot phase the City will assess whether the service will continue.

So for the next three months, a shuttle boat service will be offered between the European Parliament and the city centre.

In case you work in the venerable institution and find yourself in the city wanting to catch a ride in one of these boats, they will leave in the evening from the landing at the European Parliament at 20.15 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning, the shuttle boat will leave for the European Parliament at 08.30 from the Embarcadère du Palais Rohan.

With campaigning picking up speed every couple of years for a single seat for the European Parliament (and not in Strasbourg), adding every extra bit of comfort that these services can offer is certainly a… novel approach to influence.