Germany, France, the Netherlands and Denmark are reportedly leading a drive to block next year’s summit from taking place in Istanbul. A total 18 EU nations and Canada agree with the decision to prevent the meeting from taking place in Istanbul, reported German media.

As reported by Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster, Turkey allegedly offered to host the summit slated for 2018 in Istanbul during the alliance’s 2016 meeting in Warsaw.

Nato defence ministers are expected to make a final decision when they meet in June. According to the report, the favoured proposal envisions the meeting at Nato’s new headquarters in Brussels.

“We do not want to enhance Turkey’s international credentials and we want to avoid the impression that NATO supports the Turkish government’s internal policy,” high-ranking Nato diplomats were quoted as saying by German newspaper Die Welt.

Since a failed coup to overthrow the Turkish government, Ankara has launched a massive crackdown, targeting journalists, teachers, soldiers and judges.

However, Nato deputy spokesman Piers Cazalet told DW that member states have not yet taken a decision.

“At the meeting of Nato leaders last week, Turkey made an offer to host one of our next summits, although not necessarily next year,” Cazalet said. “Having a full-fledged summit at the new headquarters in Brussels is also an option. These options are not mutually exclusive.”