Maia Sandu, the new prime minister of Moldova, vowed that stronger ties with the European Union and cracking down on the abuse of power by the country’s oligarchs are the top priorities of her new government.

Sandu’s government comprises her pro-European ACUM group and the pro-Russia Socialist Party, which joined forces after months of political deadlock that followed an inconclusive parliamentary election in February.

The former ruling Democratic Party, led by powerful oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, ceded power to the opposition movement earlier in June and Plahotniuc has since fled the country. Sandu said improving ties with the EU are her government’s top priority. Considered the poorest country in Europe, Moldova’s accession bid has stalled over the slow pace of reform. Sandu said, however, that Moldova is also open to boosting economic and trade cooperation with Brussels. “The government program states clearly that association with the EU is the basis of our activity,” said Sandu. “You are going to see very soon concrete steps, progress in improving our relations with the EU.