The EU’s Foreign Chief, Federica Mogherini has closed the door on any speculation that the European Union would provide support for a military escalation t end the political crisis in Venezuela.

“We have categorically ruled out support or understanding for any military escalation in Venezuela or around the country,” said Mogherini while briefing reporters in Brussels after an EU-28 Foreign Affairs Council

She added that Europe’s goal, at this time, is to “work to prevent humanitarian aid from being used for different purposes,” while also pushing for a peaceful resolution to the political duel that has been playing out between the pro-democratic opposition led by self-declared interim president, Juan Guaido, and the country’s embattled Marxist leader, Nicolas Maduro.

Guaido, who has the support of most EU nation, the US, Canada, and nearly the whole of Latin America, invoked a constitutional amendment that challenged the legitimacy of Maduro’s presidency. Maduro’s re-election last year went largely unrecognised by the international community who said the poll was rigged.

The EU is sending a technical mission, along with Uruguay, to Venezuela in the coming and Mogherini announced that a contact group would be dispatched to Caracas in the hope that a “peaceful and democratic” transition can be negotiated.

Mogherini also admitted that targeted sanctions against individuals in Maduro’s government is an option that Brussels is considering, but that the EU is, for the time being, focusing on dialogue and will “continue to work with the contact group”, which was set up “at the request of the European Parliament”.