With the support of Europol and Eurojust, the German Federal Police and the Romanian Police dismantled on 13 November a large criminal network smuggling migrants to western Europe in trucks.

36 people were arrested. They are accused of trafficking at least 580 migrants, earning more than €2 million for their services. Austria, Hungary, Turkey and the UK also took part in the major two-year operation.

The traffickers and their victims traveled from Iran, Iraq and Syria, via Turkey and Greece, to Romania, where they were loaded into containers and transported on trucks via Hungary and the Czech Republic into Germany. This form of transport is potentially fatal for the migrants.

Europol facilitated the information exchange between the countries and provided operational information to investigators from its databases. The coordination meetings to prepare for the action day were held at Eurojust. The main organiser was arrested on a German European Arrest Warrant in London earlier this year.