The European Parliament deputies have passed their advisory motion on the Brexit talks which they debated this morning, after the speeches of the EU executive chief Jean-Claude Juncker and the Brexit negotiations chief Michel Barnier.

557 MEPs backed the resolution, while 92 voted against and 29 abstained. The parliamentarians had earlier discussed the Status Quo of the negotiations with the United Kingdom after triggering Article 50 to leave the EU.

The resolution recommends that EU leaders should not agree to open the next phase of talks at a meeting later in October, unless a “major breakthrough” takes place” and EU-27 ;leaders are able to declare “sufficient progress” in all three  priority areas identified by the EU: guarantees on citizen’s rights, a financial settlement, and the Irish border.

In particular, the draft resolution says that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) must retain “full jurisdiction” during any transitional period. “No material change” should be made to the current rights of EU or UK citizens, while both the UK and EU must not be able to “unilaterally” change citizens’ rights in the final Brexit agreement.

On Ireland, avoiding a “hard border” will involve either Northern Ireland or the entire UK remaining part of the customs union and internal market, according to the MEP resolution.

As for the financial settlement, the UK should pay for its share of future EU liabilities and the cost of its withdrawal.