The President of Italy’s Higher Health Institute, Walter Ricciardi, admitted on Wednesday the country is dealing with a measles epidemic. In an interview with Radio 24, the Italian official claims Romania faces a similar challenge.

In the first quarter of 2017, there is a six-fold increase in registered cases, with Health Ministry officials reporting 1,500 registered cases, up from 840 in 2016 and 250 in 2015. The United States Center for Disease Control issued a warning to tourists about the potentially fatal disease, Reuters reports.

The cause of the epidemic is a steep drop in vaccination, from the recommended 95% of the population to 85%. In 2015, Beppe Grillo raised concerns for the “side-effects” of vaccinations, calling mandatory vaccination “a gift to multinational pharmaceutical firms.”

The MS5 movement is now facing criticism by the Democratic Party administration.

In March, the former MS5 parliamentary spokesperson, Andrea Cecconi, insisted that the measles epidemic might be part of a natural cycle of the illness. Mr. Cecconi has studied pharmacology.