With Britain’s MPs back from their Easter break, the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement returns to the forefront of Europe’s attention as a fourth “meaningful vote” in three last three months.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is in talks with the opposition Labour party and its leader Jeremy Corbyn to try and convince her political opponents to back the Withdrawal Agreement that she and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker agreed to at the end of last year.

“To look at this logically, if we were in a position to have sufficient votes to pass through the Withdrawal Agreement bill, you’d also hope we were in a position to have sufficient votes to pass a meaningful vote” on the Brexit deal, May’s spokesman, James Slack, recently told reporters.

May is expected to respond to MPs’ questions on Wednesday, which will be followed by Corbyn’s statement to the House of Commons in anticipation of a vote on the Withdrawal Agreement at some point in the next week.

Remain campaigners from Change UK, the party formed after a group of Labour and Tory MPs quit their parties over Brexit in February, announced its candidate list for the European Parliamentary elections of 23-26 May. The list includes Rachel Johnson, the sister of Britain’s ex-foreign secretary and arch-Brexiteer, Boris Johnson.

“Our political system is a joke, it’s a worldwide joke, they’re laughing at us – not with us, but at us,’’ former BBC North America correspondent and Change UK candidate Gavin Esler said. “ I’ve joined the Remain alliance to stop Brexit, fix Britain, and move on to reform the EU. The first move is a people’s vote because we have to stop Brexit now.”

Change UK will campaign for a second referendum and for the United Kingdom to stay within the EU.