A majority of Finns (59%) are opposed to Finland joining Nato, according to the findings of a new poll commissioned by the country’s leading newspaper Helsingin.

Only 22% of respondents said they support Finland joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Another 19% is undecided, according to the survey published on November 5.

As reported by YLE online, the poll also asked Finns if their opinion would change if Sweden would join Nato. In this case, 52% were still opposed to the idea, while 33% were in support.

“Finns don’t entirely understand Finland’s changing status. They support joint policies that in reality bring us closer to western defence systems,” Matti Pesu of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs tells HS.

Pesu said Finnish decision-makers’ criticism of superpowers has diminished over the last few years and cooperation with Nato has been met with more approval.

“It looks like the current political leadership is prepared to progress towards a policy of deeper cooperation. Time will tell if this is eventually reflected in public opinion on Nato membership,” he told the newspaper.