The Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance (NGMN) held a press briefing at the recently completed 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain with several key operators to discuss future use cases for 5G networks outside of mobile broadband use.

In attendance were over 150 attendees and six major companies including Vodafone, Orange, Deutsche Telecom, AT&T, NTT DOMOCO, and China Mobile. The variety of cases for 5G spanned industries from entertainment to medicine to energy. The speakers also focused on the potential challenges facing 5G adoption.

NGMN’s CEO Peter Meissner remarked that 5G has the potential to “to transform a variety of industries” and that, now, industry leaders have a responsibility to “work on overcoming (challenges) in the journey towards 5G”.

Emmanuel Lugagne Delpon, Senior Vice President at Orange Labs Networks and Chairman of the NGMN Board, gave an introduction to the briefing and explained how 5G could be utilised to build on current consumer networks to increase mobile broadband and from there be expanded into various industries.

Several other speakers from a variety of companies later emphasised various uses for 5G, including automation in energy networks, product testing and development, and remote healthcare services.

The NGMN Alliance was founded in 2006 by a group of international network operators who are looking to ensure that the next generation of mobile network infrastructure and devices meet the needs of both providers and consumers.

Also in attendance at the Mobile World Congress were companies such as Intel, Warner Bros., DC, and Ericsson, which collaborated with AT&T to provide attendees with a virtual reality experience of Batman defeating The Scarecrow- and unlike most virtual reality, which uses devices that are confined to a limited physical space, this experience was more mobile and ran on a 5G network, which provides a more immersive experience due to the low latency and fast speeds.

Justin Herz, the Executive Vice President, Digital Product, Platform and Strategy at Warner Bros affirmed the importance of upcoming 5G technology for entertainment, saying, “it is by working closely with partners who are leaders in 5G that we can develop compelling immersive user experiences that will break through to a mass audience and bring our most iconic characters, such as DC’s Batman and The Scarecrow, to life.”

Going forward, these companies hope to utilise 5G for more immersive, multi-user virtual reality experiences.