French President Emmanuel Macron on March 5 is expected to deliver a major speech where he will articulate his vision for Europe ahead of the bloc’s May elections.

The announcement will come during his address at the Sorbonne, the site of a September 2017 speech wherein he mapped out his vision for a “sovereign, united, and democratic Europe”.

“The president will address the people and not the institutions. This is a different position compared to the speeches of the Sorbonne and Athens,” adds Gilles Le Gendre, president of Macron’s La Republique en Marche group in the French National Assembly, suggesting that the much-anticipated text will include concrete proposals on EU defence and Europe’s place in the world.

According to the Elysée, Macron’s speech will be “the strongest speech by the President” since his Sorbonne address 18 months ago.

Macron is expected to issue an “emergency call” to the EU’s citizens in an effort to alert them to the potentially mortal dangers that are engulfing Europe at the present time.

“As Brexit becomes a reality, the President wants to show that the rejection of Europe is not a foregone conclusion…that it is possible to regain control of Europe,” a French presidency source said.