Throw Hungary out of the EU!… Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg’s foreign has shown that Jean-Claude Juncker is not the only tough talking politician from the Grand Duchy.

Asselborn told the German daily Die Welt that Hungary should be temporarily or even permanently expelled from the European Union over its approach to refugees and other issues.

Asselborn’s comments come days before 27 EU leaders meet in Bratislava to discuss the bloc’s future. He said the EU can’t tolerate fundamental values being violated.

Asselborn was quoted Tuesday as saying: “Anyone who, like Hungary, builds fences against refugees from war or who violates press freedom and judicial independence should be excluded temporarily, or if necessary for ever, from the EU.” He argued it’s the only way to “preserve the cohesion and values of the European Union.”

Hungary is holding a government-sponsored referendum Oct. 2 seeking support for rejecting any future EU plan to resettle migrants among member states.

Asselborn had already sharply criticised Orban. “One has to feel ashamed of Viktor Orban”, he told last week the German broadcaster ZDF, adding that Orban was a man who was smashing European values such as solidarity and helpfulness.

“All of us have seen these pictures of this little boy, we have seen these pictures from IS militants in Syria who use children as executioners. Orban cannot turn a blind eye on that, he cannot just say we don’t want Muslims,” Asselborn said.

Christian values dictated that all people in danger had a right to protection, Asselborn said, adding: “He (Orban) says he only wants Christians. If Orban is a Christian, then (former North Korean leader) Kim Il Sung is a Christian too.”

Orban said on Thursday during a visit in Brussels that refugees should not risk their children’s lives trying to reach Europe, as he defended his tough approach to border control on the frontline of Europe’s migration crisis.

Orban also said that Hungary did not want to accept Muslim refugees and that the refugee crisis was not really a European problem, but “a German problem”. (with Die Welt, AP, Reuters)