European Parliament MEP’s from the Left have said they will not support Ursula von der Leyen‘s candidacy for the European Commission presidency.

European United Left/Nordic Green Left’s acting president Martin Schirdewan said the MEPs have “grilled” von Der Leyen on the party’s 10 key demands for the next Commission. “Her responses were insufficient to satisfy the basic aspirations of EU citizens. They will help perpetuate chronic problems the EU is facing,” Schirdewan said.

“We realise she does not have a vision that is based on social justice and human rights. She will perpetuate the neo-liberal policies that have led to the economic crisis and unprecedented poverty and inequality among Europeans. We saw little desire to tackle tax avoidance and fraud by big corporations,” added Schirdewan.  “We are also concerned about the militarisation of the EU that von der Leyen is proposing. Her legacy in Germany is of arms to Saudi Arabia and support for military intervention. Likewise, no credible proposals to reform the EU asylum system and end the shameful deaths in the Mediterranean.”

The Left parties were also not satisfied with von der Leyen’s climate stance, saying her proposals were insufficient.

MEPs from the Greens MEPs also declared their decision to boycott von der Leyen’s candidacy along with a moderate number of Socialists and Democrats’ MEPs.

Thus far,182 MEPs of the EPP are considered her clear supporters, while Renew Europe still awaits with its 108 MEPs to receive further assurances on several issues. The S&D MEPs are split, with the Spanish and British as her likely supporters. The Spanish leader of the Socialist group, Iratxe García, said the Socialists will try to consolidate their position by the time of the vote.