Vote Leave has been referred to the police and fined £61,000 (€69,000) for violating campaign funding rules.

The Leave campaign is accused of overspending by £675,315 (€702,000) by funneling money through the pro-Brexit youth group BeLeave.

The founder of BeLeave has also been fined £20,000 (€22,500) and referred to the police.

Vote Leave won the June 2016 referendum by 52-to-48%. The referendum was not legally binding, but it is politically binding. Campaigners denounced the report of the Electoral Commission as politically motivated.

The campaign’s upper spending limit was £7million or just under €8 million.

Labour Party opposition is calling for the resignation of ministers that were members of the Leave campaign; some MPs even called for a second EU referendum.

Vote Leave find the Electoral Commission report “politically motivated.” The Electoral Commission defended its report, underlining that there was “due process” and a three month investigation behind the report.