The European Parliament’s Secretary General, the institution’s most senior official – Klaus Welle, who oversees a budget of €2 billion per year and 7000 civil servants controversially may have a serious issue of conflict of interest.

A source in the Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe (ACRE) showed Kassandra publicly available information that shows that Welle remains a member of the General Assembly of the Konrad Adenaueur Foundation (KAS). The foundation is a serious political force in Brussels, also providing funding which Welle is called upon to sign off on as part of his job as Secretary-General.

According to the source, Members of the Parliaments Bureau will ask Welle to “recuse” himself from taking any role with regards to the closure of Parties, Foundations and Groups accounts. They argue, there remains a “significant conflict of interest” and it is impossible for him to be “neutral and impartial”.

This clash is the latest development in the Parliament’s skirmish with ACRE, in which they are refusing to sign off on the political party’s accounts in a move that ACRE says is a result of political bias in the administration.