The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker congratulated France’s new president-elect Emmanuel Macron on his victory.

EU’s executive chief said he was delighted the way Macron defended the need for a  strong and progressive Europe.

“I am delighted that the ideas you defended of a strong and progressive Europe, which protects all its citizens, will be those that you will carry into your presidency in the debate about the history of Europe,” Juncker said in the letter he sent to Macron shortly after the electoral results were announced, giving Macron a 65.5% of the vote against extreme-right politician Marine Le Pen.

Juncker added that the European Commission works towards building a better Europe, just like Macron would like it and that he looks forward to work together with France.

“You know my determination to follow this agenda until the end of my term. I have full confidence that our collaboration will be very fruitful and will allow us to further our common goals together,” Juncker said.

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Tusk: French people chose Liberty, Equality and Fraternity over tyranny of fake news

European Council president Donald Tusk also congratulated Macron both in English and French: “Congratulations Emmanuel Macron. Congratulations to French people for choosing Liberty, Equality and Fraternity over tyranny of fake news.”