British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to pressure Brussels to actually negotiate a better, a Brexit deal, while hinting that no talks would take place if the EU won’t accept the pledge for a different agreement.

Ahead of a farm trip in Wales, 10 Downing said that Brexit would allow the Britain to scrap the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy and export more food and farm produce around the world when his government is free to sign new trade deals outside the EU. “We will have a historic opportunity to introduce new schemes to support farming – and we will make sure that farmers get a better deal,” Johnson said. “Brexit presents enormous opportunities for our country, and it’s time we looked to the future with pride and optimism.”

Ahead of the 31 October Brexit date, Johnson is making more money available for contingency planning and as well as a mass public information campaign to advise businesses and citizens how to prepare.

Johnson reiterated that he wants the UK to leave with a deal, but a different one that would scrap the so-called backstop guarantee for the Irish border.

“The prime minister will be happy to sit down with leaders when their position changes, but he’s making it clear to everybody that a change first needs to happen,” Johnson’s spokeswoman, Alison Donnelly, told the press on 29 July.