It’s hard enough trying to land a job, let alone an interview, but surprising things can happen to some people. Case in point is Gerlando Petrucci, a customs officer in Licata, Sicily, who in 1980 applied for a school caretaker position. Although he didn’t clinch the post 22 years ago, the Brusasco-based school offered him the job last week. Petrucci was informed the school wanted him to start work immediately, according to the Italian daily Corriere della Serra. But the diligent worker, who has been with the customs unit for two decades, declined the school’s offer.

Petrucci though came up with a plan. He asked the school to hire his unemployed son instead. Despite offering apologies for their tardiness in responding to his application, the school did not accept his offer.

So what happened, why the glitch in timing? According to a spokesman for the school, a caretaker is considered a civil servant, and based on the government’s system, people are placed on a priority list. The spokesman said the local office of the job centre had only recently given Petrucci’s application a thumbs-up. This example just goes to show how red tape needs to be curbed. Huge headaches and many surprises could result otherwise, leaving many people hanging high and dry. (704)