Ostia, a seaside suburb of Rome once ruled by organised crime, has been taken over by… Italy’s populist Five Star Movement. The party’s candidate Giuliana Di Pillo was voted the new president of Ostia’s council with 15 of her party colleagues.

As reported by The Local, the vote was the first in Ostia since police dissolved the district’s government two years ago due to its infiltration by the mafia.

Writing on her Facebook page after the victory, Di Pillo said: “It’s a victory of honest citizens, who have retaken the local government and who want to rebuild from the rubble”.

“The voters understood that the Five Star Movement is the only political force that has never governed this region and we will work to pay back their trust.”

According to The Local, there will also be nine opposition councillors, including one from the neo-fascist CasaPound party, which has been accused of ties to Ostia’s organised crime families.