Instagram, a photo platform owned by Facebook, has announced plans to review its terms of use in Germany. The decision comes after a consumer protection agency described the current terms as a “catastrophe”.

“Instagram has given itself far too many rights in relation to its mostly young users,” Klaus Müller, the executive board of the Federation of German Consumer Organizations (vzbz), told Tagesspiegel on October 16.

According to Müller, the international platform (which has about 15m users in Germany alone) could have blocked certain media or profiles at its own discretion.

For young people who communicate via the medium, this is a “catastrophe,” said Müller.

As reported by The Local, consumer protectionists have denounced 18 of Instagram’s terms of use clauses as unfair.

In a statement, Instagram said: “We are in the process of updating our terms of use in Germany. These adaptations clarify the rights that German Instagram users have under German law when they use the platform.”

The changes would have no influence on the experience on the platform in Germany, the social media giant added.