Earlier this month, Nicole Anderson, AT&T’s Assistant Vice President of Social Innovation, visited with students at the French undergraduate school, Lycee Colbert. Nicole joined Jerome Savy, our HR Director for Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and myself to chat with the students about their future.

The school is located in the Paris suburbs. Each year, AT&T hosts educational session as part of AT&T Aspire, our signature philanthropic initiative, which drives innovation in education – through technology, social innovation and relationships – to ensure all students have the skills they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Students at Colbert create an imaginary company. We work with Entreprendre Pour Apprendre (EPA), a French governmental agency that supports student programs to develop fictional enterprises. Students incorporate it, run it with all the required activities (staffing, product creation, procurement, sales, and accounting), and to close it. It provides students with new skills and a unique perspective of how to run a business.


During our visit, the students presented their projects to EPA and us. They also explained how AT&T Aspire and mentors benefit and enrich their learning experience. Nicole noted that despite being from different continents, we’re also seeing similar benefits with students in the U.S. When mentors connect to young people, both are changed for the better.