Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has jokingly welcomed West Europeans who feel persecuted by liberal agendas to seek asylum in his country.

During his annual state of the union address on February 10, the right-wing conservative politician said: “Naturally, we will take in the real refugees. The panicked German, Dutch, French and Italian politicians and journalists, Christians forced to leave their countries will find here the Europe they lost at home.”

As reported by Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster, Orban lashed out against left-wing politics, the liberal media and international human rights organisations.

“The former government of the US and the governments in Brussels and Berlin have ensured that immigrants cannot be stopped, but we have done so,” he said.

Meanwhile, Orban also accused prominent billionaire financier George Soros and groups backed by him and as secretly wanting to influence his country’s politics.

In an email to The Associated Press, a Soros representative said they were “proud to support Hungarians who insist on having a voice in their democracy.”

In a separate report, Euronews noted Orban’s criticism of liberal economies. He said: “The foxes are let into the henhouse to compete freely, and nobody can stop the foxes winning time after time.”

And he praised the strength of Hungary and its economy, observing that nation credit ratings were being upgraded, that wages were rising and household debt falling.