When our editorial team learned that the European Parliament was giving out electric scooters to its staff, it felt like the story would write itself. Kassandra indeed got very excited. What was going on? This was presented as a four-month pilot project, with staff being allowed to use the brand new electric scooters to go to meetings, or indeed commute to their homes. But what did the European Parliament pay for the scooters? And what would happen to them after the four-month pilot period was done? Our initial research showed that scooters with nearly identical characteristics were available at half the price of those offered by the European Parliament – so we reached out with some questions.

Alas, Kassandra doesn’t only bring you bad news. Indeed, the scooters have not been bought, but rented – and the pilot project will not break the bank. Indeed, it will help make Brussels a tad Greener.

According to the European Parliament, for the four-month trial period, 15 electric scooters have been rented at a cost of 80 euros per month each. As the Parliament notes in its response to our question, “The European Parliament is making efforts to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution by making the use of public transport for its staff as easy as possible.”

With the 18km/h speed daemons up for grabs – the only limitation, staff told us, was that they aren’t allowed to take the charger home. One European Parliament staffer told us that the scooters are very convenient when you need to make a quick run to another building in the vicinity – or even to go out to lunch.

Just remember, use the helmet provided, and don’t talk on the phone while you drive.