Finns went to the polls in 297 municipalities on Sunday, April 9, and by Monday morning the big winner was the Green Party.

The Greens not only added 213 Councillors across the country – compared to 2012 – but also emerged as the second largest party in Helsinki with a 24% share of the vote. The Green League now has a national vote of 12,4%, which is a significant improvement from their April 2015 national legislative elections result (8,5)%.

All the members of the governing coalition, that is, the Centre Party, the Finns Party, and the National Coalition Party have seen a substantial defeat. The Centre Party leading the Juha Sipilä cabinet declined to 17,5% of the vote, retaining, however, the lead in the number of Councillors; the party fared 21,1% in the national legislative elections of 2015.

As for the other two coalition partners, they have also seen their following tumbling. The far-right populists True Finns were the big losers of Sunday’s elections, tumbling to 8,8% and losing 426 Councillors as compared to 2012. That is also a substantial loss when compared to their result in the 2015 national legislative elections (12,3%).

The National Coalition Party has held its ground since 2015, taking home a 20,7% share of the vote as compared to 22% of the vote in 2012 and 21% in the 2015 national elections. They remain the biggest party in Espoo and Turku.

The Left Alliance (8,8%) and the Social Democrats also (19,4) marginally held their ground.