The European Union of 450 million citizens is already a reality. With slow, but steady steps, the biggest democratic union of countries and peoples is trying to make our lives better by the day. At the same time, the European Parliament is becoming stronger and stronger in the framework of the European Political System. As the only elected institution of the EU it has undertaken the task to be the voice of the citizens, as well as the guardian of their rights.

New Democracy is proud for being part of the biggest European political party, that of EPP (European Peoples Party), the political positions of which are now being embraced by more and more people around Europe.

By Manolis Mavrommatis

Today, though, everybody has acknowledged that the choice of Konstantinos Karamanlis to fight for the entry of Greece to the European Union was, not only correct, but also of historical importance.

The proof can be found on every step we take:

The development of the infrastructure, the agricultural subsidies, the business development plans, the welfare funds, the equality on the decision making process are only a few examples. The European Union is today’s basis for the realisation of the Modern Greek vision. On that basis, New Democracy is continuing the fight with consistency, social responsibility and with perception.

The EPP is acquiring the role of the protagonist in the creation of policies and the setting of new goals for the European Union. It has fought and is still fighting for a Europe which will be even more democratic, open and closer to its citizens. It is aiming in the strengthening of cooperation for the Common Foreign Policy and the Common Security and Defence Policy agendas.

After the latest enlargement (the biggest in the history of the Union) the entry of the 10 new member states is establishing a scenario more complex, more competitive but full of hope. For us Greeks, the enlargement is also of particular interest, because Cyprus has acquired full membership. The positions of Greece and of the government of New Democracy, as declared by the Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis, are clear: “We want a Europe which will be built on moral grounds and human values: The values of justice, democracy, solidarity and Christian humanitarianism. We want a Europe with powerful governance on the central point, which will respect and promote multiculturalism. We want a Europe which will help on the safekeeping of World Peace and safety. We want a Europe which will move forward with bravery and insight towards the big economic and social reforms. We want a Europe for all citizens, which will guarantee equal treatment of men and women. We invest on the human capital, on culture and education. We want a Greece on the frontline of Europe. We want a Greece and its government of New Democracy which will continue to have a vision and will work and aim to a better future for the generations to come.”

The EPP is a fellow traveller to this journey because it is expressing the liberal spirit of Democracy and because it is the one party always standing side by side to the people who helped and are helping to move Europe forward.

We do not want to change the world by filling it up with big words, but by improving the everyday life of the European citizens. We are the party of changes: we are changing Europe with actions. Europe is facing new challenges. Greece has a new government: Europe will have an even more powerful political majority. Greece is willing to move forward.

“The courses of Greece and Europe coincide. We work hard for changing Europe with actions, side by side with the European Citizens.”, as stated by the President of the European Peoples Party Dr. Wilfried Martens, in his opening statement for the celebration of 30 years since the founding of the EPP.

Manolis Mavrommatis is a Member of the European Parliament, European Peoples Party, New Democracy