The Italian premier Giuzeppe Conte had a 30-minute face-to-face meeting with the Italian Head of State Sergio Mattarella, to take stock of the tensions between the 5 Stelle and the Lega.

The meeting became a clear necessity, after the very high tensions in the majority of the government between the Five Star Movement and the Lega, Prime minister Conte had already had a meeting with vice prime minister Matteo Salvini at Palazzo Chigi on Wednesday. The meeting was held shortly after the defeat of the 5 Stelle on the Italian Senate. Prime Minister Conte in front of Palazzo Chigi did not answer the reporters.

The meeting between the Prime Minister and the Head of State would have lasted about 30 minutes, with Conte wanting to avoid statements on the face-to-face meeting with President Mattarella.

Meanwhile, Mattarella has signed the government’s new security law, while raising two issues about the package in a letter to the speakers of the Lower House and the Senate, according to sources. The controversial package is drafted by Salvini and got voted on Monday after passing the test of a confidence vote in the Senate.

The aim of the legislation is to build on the security and migrantion decree that was approved last year and was also drafted Salvini, who has spearheaded the government’s tough stance of denying NGO-run migrant-rescue ships access to Italian ports. Under the new decree, the commanders of ships who rescue people at sea and take them into Italian waters without permission face fines of up to one million euros and the impoundment of the vessel.