Google is developing an Android-based smartwatch and game console, which could be on sale this fall, The Wall Street reported.

Citing anonymous sources,TWS claimed that Google aims to go beyond smartphones and tablets, as well as compete with companies like Apple, which are already working on these kind of products.

According to the report, the tech giant is also developing a new version of the Nexus Q music-streaming device. Nexus Q was unveiled in June 2012, but was never released due to the critical reviews it received.

Regarding Google’s smartwatch, it’s expected to connect to smartphones using Bluetooth technology, like Google Glass does.

Games running on Android software are today more popular than those created by console makers like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Due to their popularity, these firms are also working on products for devices like tablets or smartphones.

People familiar with the matter explained that Google is reacting to Apple’s launch of a videogame console as part of its next Apple TV product release.

Like other companies, Google is trying to be present in more devices as it can. Besides wearable technology and consoles, Hewlett Packard is already working on Android-powered laptops running the next version of Android.