Google has introduced a new update for its Google Now application, as well as enhanced voice search for Chrome and Chrome OS, during company's annual conference for developers I/O.

Google Now allows users to search by voice command, and now smartphones and computers will understand and respond to them. Therefore, the new feature won't just show people what they need, it will also respond to complex questions and give complete answers back, after activating it with the sentence “OK Google.”

During the presentation, Google Now, which will be also available on the desktop, was asked: "How tall do you have to be to ride the Giant Dipper?", and it gave the correct answer. Also, when asked "How far is Santa Cruz from here?" the results were directions from the current place to the location the person wanted to visit.

The tool can also search for old pictures, tell when the next flight will take place or check public transport time-tables, including alerts on closures or cancellations. Google has also added recommendation cards for music, TV shows, books, and video games based on users' search history.

A new Reminders card lets people remember a specific date and time, such as birthdays or important appointments. The feature will pop up a card letting the user view the reminder, make adjustments to it, and set it.

According to the company, the new search will be available soon on iOS, Android and Chrome.