Germany will continue to allow the export of certain military equipment and technology to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, a move that was approved by the country’s National Security Council.

Germany will provide Kamag military vehicles to Saudi Arabia, via a French exporter, as well as components and software for the Cobra radar system to the UAE. A shipment of three “Dingo” armoured vehicles and 168 warheads to Qatar was also approved.

The approval of the export comes only two weeks after the German government opted to extend its ban on military exports to Saudi Arabia, a move that was criticised by the UK and France on the basis that Germany’s decision to halt exports interrupted pan-European value chains and would negatively impact the joint development of military technology such as the Eurofighter and the Tornado jetfighters.

Germany’s junior coalition partner, the Social Democrats, favour export restrictions, while the Christian Democrats were keen to maintain industrial-defence ties.