German security services unveiled evidence of a major cyberattack on federal computer networks in December 2017; the public broadcaster Deutsche Welle links the attack to Russia.

The attack affected the government directly. The hackers targeted the so-called IVBB network (Informationsverbund Berlin-Bonn) that links the Chancellery, the parliament, federal ministries, the Federal Audit Office and several security institutions.

The link to Russia is specific.

German intelligence sources suggest the malware that infected the IVBB network is linked to The Advanced Persistent Threat (APT28) group, also known as the Sofacy Group or “Fancy Bear,” associated to Russia’s secret services, GRU and FSB. The group was also linked to cyber attacks across Europe.

The German Interior Ministry confirms the cyber attack but not the identity of the perpetrators. The German opposition is furious for the lack of information on the matter and the government is planning a briefing on Thursday.