The European Union, the Pacific Islands, and Australia plan to strengthen their cooperation in fighting global challenges such as climate change, the European Commission said on February 25.

EU International Cooperation and Development Commissioner Neven Mimica is on an official visit to the Pacific Islands and Australia to reconfirm the EU’s commitment to the region and to strengthen dialogue, as well as to launch substantial development cooperation.

“The EU’s commitment to and partnership with the Pacific region is strong. We are natural partners in the tackling of global challenges such as climate change, and we continue to work together,” Mimica said, adding that this is not least underlined by the EU’s green investments in the Pacific and across the globe.

Mimica is expected to sign a number of initiatives in the areas of water and sanitation, malnutrition, renewable energy, sustainable waste management, rural entrepreneurship, and adaptation efforts to the effects of climate change.

The Commissioner will furthermore visit EU funded projects, notably the Fuluasou Hydroelectric Plant, which aims to reduce carbon emissions. Mimica will then continue his trip for an official visit to Australia.

The EU is committed to further advance the ocean and climate issue, including in the context of the implementation of the Paris Agreement. This is in line with the Commission’s strategic long-term vision, approved November last year, for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy by 2050 – A Clean Planet for all. The Commission’s vision for a climate neutral future covers nearly all EU policies and shows how Europe can lead the way to climate neutrality.