The most exciting thing about new regulations is watching their implementation in the early stages. Most brave, was a representative representing or calling on the behalf of Vodafone to sell services.

Amazingly, the person calling claimed that they were calling numbers at random – a very inspired way to not be subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (but possibly moving the conversation into possible harassment territory).

When our Greek hero (this took place in the Greek capital), told the sales representative that according to GDPR he did not want to be called again, and began to explain the regulation, the sales representative hung up the phone.

Rudeness of hanging up while someone is still talking aside, it is not very positive that someone is offering free information and education about a critical European Regulation and this is not welcomed with open arms.

There’s no doubt Vodafone is a market leader when it comes to mobile telephony services. There’s also no doubt that it’s about time that Europe put together a system where people can opt not to receive any phone calls for promotional services.