The French far-right is once again divided. After Marine Le Pen invested all his party energy to the presidential elections, touched down to everyday reality. Accused by the European Parliament of using European funds for campaigning in France and experiencing the impairment of National Front’s influence, she looked for a scapegoat.

And because in politics loyalty and gratitude are not appreciated concepts, she found Florian Philippot the perfect guilty for her failure.

Philippot was the architect of the new, fresh and modern lifting National Front needed in order to address a vast electorate and penetrate areas influenced once by Socialists and Leftists.

Now Philippot has abandoned the National Front and has formed another political party, the Patriots (Les Patriotes). No less far-right than Le Pen’s party, the Patriots is in a better position to understand what modern right-wing populism needs.

Reclaiming about 3,000 followers, all of them ex-members of the National Front, Philippot represents a huge headache for the Le Pen dynasty.