The European Commission has two types of offices with its representatives in countries around the world. Representations, which exist in every EU member state, and fall under the jurisdiction of the Directorate-General for Communication of the European Commission, and Delegations, which exist in non-EU countries, and fall under the European External Action Service.

No proof is stronger that Brexit has already happened, than that the EEAS is advertising posts for the EU’s… Delegation to the United Kingdom.


A crack in the ECJ ruling  for revocation?

The European Court of Justice ruling in December 2018 that the UK may, if it wishes to do so, unilaterally withdraw Article 50 and remain a member of the EU “under terms that are unchanged as regards its status as a Member State”, is problematic.

If the UK, in accordance to the ruling, decides to reverse its decision to withdraw and, accordingly, to remain a Member of the European Union (as expressed through its democratic process in accordance with its constitutional requirements), then the EU will return to business as usual.

But hasn’t the UK already lost two EU agencies that relocated to Paris and and Amsterdam in the process? Would that, indeed, be in line with having the terms and status of the country vis-à-vis the EU unchanged?

Though this is highly theoretical, Kassandra thinks not.