Florian Philippot, 35, was the man of policy in Front National (FN), a party mostly known for its far-right politics.

In January 2017, Philippot outlined how France may credibly disengage from the Euro and switch to the French Franc. His plan was founded on the experience of the ECU. Convincing or not, he was the man of “how” in a party that has been mostly about “why.” and “who.”

Philippot wanted to dilute the Republican instinct against FN, by taking racism off the stage and putting the spotlight on broad disaffection with globalization, the Euro, social marginalization, and unemployment. Philippot attempted to hone the appeal of FN with the working class into a message of economic nationalism that could become appealing to a political majority.

On Thursday, the far-right Front National got rid of Philippot who, as responsible for strategy and communication, accompanied Marine Le Pen from the times of fringe politics to the making of a party able to reach the second round of the French Presidential elections.

But, victory is said to have many fathers but failure is an orphan. Following the defeat of FN, Mr. Philippot was stripped of his strategic role and was forced to resign. On Thursday, he told France 2 TV that he felt “ridiculed” and he could not stay and see the party backtrack to its hardline politics.